Erasmus for jobs and for love

Erasmus for jobs and for love

Erasmus: opportunities for jobs and for love

“Young people who study or train abroad not only gain knowledge in specific disciplines, but also strengthen key transversal skills which are highly valued by employers.” With this conclusion begins the article “Erasmus Impact Study confirms EU student exchange scheme boosts employability and job mobility” published by the European Commission in Brussels, 22 September 2014.

With an important statistical research, this study presents the advantages of studying abroad as an Erasmus student. But this study not only shows that studying abroad with the Erasmus programme makes it more likely to increase your job prospects. It also represents an opportunity to meet new people, new cultures and even your life partner!

Because it is not only about improving your technical skills. The study states that “92% of employers are looking for personality traits boosted by the programme such as tolerance, confidence, problem-solving skills, curiosity, knowing one’s strengths/weaknesses, and decisiveness when making a recruitment decision.”

And about finding love, the study shows that “27% of Erasmus students meet their long-term partner while on Erasmus.” So if you are an Erasmus student, or even an international student coming from any country of the world, remember these facts and take advantage of them. You might find something bigger than what you expected.

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